Painting Exmoor

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Couple months ago my husband took me to Exmoor as a surprise. It was a part of a longer trip to a seaside. I fell asleep on the way and woke up just as we started going up the first hill. I didn’t know what to expect. I opened my eyes and as far as I could see there were colourful hills, such a beautiful landscape. Painter’s dream really. And combine this with the nearby sea and cliffs. Such an atmospheric place!

I felt a bit out of this world. Long white grass and small purple shrubs. A green tree peaking here and there from the wind-beaten hill tops, some a bit crooked and shaped by the strong wind. Calm light blue of the sea in a distance. What a contrast! Some of the colours were quite unexpected. Fresh green walleys on the other side, with yellow blossoming bushes scattered around in clusters. It was just breathtaking.

I was lost for words. Grabbed my camera and run outside to take as many pictures as I could, regretting I couldn’t just stay there for a day (or two) and paint! I immediatelly fell in love with this place and decided I definitelly need to come back soon. Which might actually happen when we go on holidays – Exmoor is basically on our way.

I started working on a series of paintings from Exmoor. Got first two pictures and looking forward to do more. It would be great to have an exhibition after the end of the holidays, dedicated to this theme and possibly Cornwall and Devon. Just have to see how the painting goes and how many picture will actually be good enough to display 🙂 I hope I will be able to capture at least a little bit of this beautiful place and it’s atmosphere.

I am experimenting with a slightly different style which I find really good for this kind of landscape. Let me know what you think!