New Painting: When The Storm Has Gone

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Although this particular painting hasn’t been done on location (it’s a bit too big for that), this time and place was so vividly in my mind as I was painting it. What started as a perfect and sunny summer afternoon, quickly gained quite a bit more drama. Abandoning the easels we run to hide under a small rock shelter and watched a scene that wasn’t far off what I imagine an alien landscape might look like. Cornwall certainly showed us a much more sinister face, yet, not without a beauty of it’s own.

To be honest, I do gravitate to painting these kind of atmospheric scenes rather than the “family perfect” beach. When the storm has gone, I went and started exploring this transformed “moonscape” and although it might seem just dark and grey, there was still so much colour in the rocks it was just asking to be painted. At that moment a bit of sunlight started pouring down on the nearby cliffs and colouring them in warmer shades. You could still see some clouds in the distance, all creating interesting contrasts.

When The Storm Has Gone Original oil painting by Jana Forsyth
When The Storm Has Gone – Oil on linen board

This painting is 24″ wide and in a panoramic format, which is a bit unusual for me, but I felt nothing smaller would do it justice. I used loose brush strokes, transparency and lots of texture to give it the right feel.

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