New Painting: Soft Light – Keston

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I don’t know if you have ever heard of Keston, but it was a real surprise to me. I had no idea a place like that existed so close to London. There is a beautiful large area of forest, little streams, ponds and an ice-cream van selling a delicious lemon ice by one of the ponds! 🙂 The forest has a “moorish” feel to it in places, with heather and Gorse bushes. 

This painting is from my visit in Autumn last year. I always find Autumn amazing and full of colours but this place exceeded my expectations. It has been raining before then and the grass had a silvery-blue colour to it, creating a strong contrast with the small groups of orange and pink long leaf grass clumps, scattered here and there like flames on a choppy silvery sea.

I always enjoy painting birch trees and this one really adds to the scene, with it’s rich range or yellow and orange fluttering leaves. The pine trees behind add even more variety and depth to this picture.

I wanted to keep the brushstrokes loose. To capture colour and texture was my main aim, to give an impression and feel rather than a lot of detail that might distract. I used mainly brushes and added a few dabs with my palette knife. I called it Soft Light as the light felt very soft and gentle (if that makes sense to you) as opposed to light that’s strong and bright.

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