New Painting: Rainy Day In Bath

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This painting is from my series of Bath pictures. It was a very rainy, working day. I am not used to seeing Bath with so few people around! No buskers and street entertainers like on a weekend. I loved the light and the subdued, but in no way gloomy colours of this place on that day. All the reflections on the pavement and colourful umbrellas “floating” past in the air. The contrast of these colours and the red postman with his trolley, delivering letters like he does every day, no matter what the weather is. People rushing by to get to a sheltered place. Bright shop windows and coffee shops inviting you in for a cup of something nice and warm. The sound of car tires on the wet streets and quiet tapping of the rain drops. 

Bath has a different kind of charm on a day like this, which to me is no less interesting than on a bright, sunny day. I was walking around soaking all this in (including some of the rain), trying to take as many pictures as I could and make the most of the time I could spend there.

Bath oil painting
Rainy Day In Bath, oil on linen board | sold

This painting is now sold but you can have a look at my other paintings or I let me know if you would like something similar – do receive commissions, just get in touch.

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