New Painting: Autumn Light In Savernake

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Savernake forest near Marlborough is a large, ancient forest and a truly beautiful and inspiring place. I love painting it as it has a very special atmosphere, particularly in Autumn, when the leaves turn all sorts of colours and you hear them rustling under your feet as you walk and admire the ancient, majestic trees. I strayed away from one of the main paths to find this part of the forest, with some quirky and crooked tree trunks. Flooding the forest with the late afternoon Autumn light, the sun was casting bright patches of light, filtering through the leaves and making the colours even more intense. It was so peaceful.

I wanted to capture the atmosphere and colours mainly, so I went for a bit more loose, impressionistic approach, with only few trees painted in more detail. Too much detail would be distracting here. I used my palette knife quite a bit to add a clean colour and a more interesting texture.

Framed painting

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