In a snowy mood …

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For some reason I’ve been in a snowy mood for weeks now, not really interested in painting much else. Which is funny cause I would certainly not describe myself as a winter kind of person. I don’t much like winter in fact. I DO like snow… for couple weeks when it’s white and fresh and pretty and fluffy – and then give me Spring already! But as an artist, I am finding a lot of cool things about painting snow and I guess I miss it a certain amount too, living here in the UK.

Since I started painting again, I have been discovering that there is something amazing about every season. I guess I am looking around me more that before. Beautiful creation, all has it’s place. I guess artist is never really off duty, you just start looking at things differently in a way. Constantly taking the inspiration in.

I do like how the snow reflects the light, provides contrast, adds something unusual into even an ordinary landscape scene. The footprints in the snow! The evening colours! Trees hiding and bending under the snow blanket. Fun painting it 🙂

I guess I am just fascinated by water in all forms… sea, streams, clouds, snow, ice… it’s all just one thing but so different at the same time! (my husband just added steam in the list, he wants me to paint a steam train!)

I am not sure how long I will stay in my snowy mood, could be just couple more paintings, will just have to see 🙂

Check out my snow paintings I’ve done so far.