New Painting: When The Storm Has Gone

When The Storm Has Gone Original oil painting by Jana Forsyth

Although this particular painting hasn’t been done on location (it’s a bit too big for that), this time and place was so vividly in my mind as I was painting it. What started as a perfect and sunny summer afternoon, quickly gained quite a bit more drama. Abandoning the easels (working on a different painting) […]

New painting: Girl And The Sea

Girl and the sea original oil painting Jana Forsyth

I don’t usually do that, but I have painted this same exact scene twice. I painted it for the first time quite a few years ago and I was curious to compare how I would paint it now. It came out quite differently and I have to admit I was pleased to see my progress. […]

Varnish Or Not To Varnish A Painting?

During the drying process, an oil painting can sometimes lose it’s vibrancy a bit. It’s called ‘sinking’ and it occurs when the oil from the surface of the painting is absorbed by the layer underneath, therefore leaving the painting looking a bit dull. The darker the colour the more obvious it becomes. Often some areas […]

New Painting: Soft Light – Keston

Original oil painting Soft light in Keston

I don’t know if you have ever heard of Keston, but it was a real surprise to me. I had no idea a place like that existed so close to London. There is a beautiful large area of forest, little streams, ponds and an ice-cream van selling a delicious lemon ice by one of the […]

New Painting: Green Street, Bath

This is one of my paintings from my series of Bath pictures. It was a cloudy, wet day (as usual in the UK 🙂 ) but there was something about the colour harmony of this scene and warmth of the shops lights that attracted my attention. I really like the colourful touch of the bunting […]

New Painting: Autumn Light In Savernake

Oil painting savernake forest

Savernake forest near Marlborough is a large, ancient forest and a truly beautiful and inspiring place. I love painting it as it has a very special atmosphere, particularly in Autumn, when the leaves turn all sorts of colours and you hear them rustling under your feet as you walk and admire the ancient, majestic trees. I […]

New Painting: Rainy Day In Bath

Bath oil painting

This painting is from my series of Bath pictures. It was a very rainy, working day. I am not used to seeing Bath with so few people around! No buskers and street entertainers like on a weekend. I loved the light and the subdued, but in no way gloomy colours of this place on that day. All the […]

New painting: River Lyn

River Lyn Oil Painting Devon

I was quite excited about discovering this river in Devon, it was exactly what I wanted to paint. I loved the stones, the dark colour of the water coming down from Exmoor, cascading in lots of small waterfalls, shaping and crafting the stones little by little. All so peaceful and quiet. It’s one of these places […]

More of Exmoor

Being able to visit Exmoor multiple times last year, in different seasons and atmosphere, it inspires me even more. It was great coming back to this theme over the winter, exploring the different moods and colours this place offers in different season. My style changed a bit since my first paintings and I started using […]

In a snowy mood …

For some reason I’ve been in a snowy mood for weeks now, not really interested in painting much else. Which is funny cause I would certainly not describe myself as a winter kind of person. I don’t much like winter in fact. I DO like snow… for couple weeks when it’s white and fresh and pretty […]

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