About me and my painting

I was born in Prague, Czech republic, but have been living in England since spring 2013 and consider it my home now.

I can paint a variety of subjects, but I focus mainly on landscapes and seascapes. I particularly like to paint water in any of its form – the sea, streams, rain, snow, mist, clouds…

My goal is not to create a photograph-like image, but to interpret the atmosphere of a place, the feeling, to be able to take you there for a moment. To experience the calmness of the woods or excitement of crashing waves. I love capturing things and moments that might just go un-noticed and reveal them in my paintings.


One of the main things for me for some time now has been including people in my paintings, telling a story untold, maybe un-noticed yet so much part of our lives. I like to leave space for the viewer to imagine what is going on in the painting, and to figure out what the story or conversation might be.

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Most of my paintings are done in a studio at the moment, but I paint plein air (outside) as much as it’s possible and hope to increase this with time. There is no substitution for seeing the real thing with all it’s colours, feelings and fragrances, no camera can capture that. When I paint from photos, they are always photos I have taken personally, it is important for me that I have been there myself and experienced it. Sometimes I do sketches when visiting places as well as taking photos.


I paint with oils on linen canvas boards, stretched canvas or hardboard, depending on the effect and feel I want to achieve. I prime it with multiple layers using quality acrylic gesso and final layers of a high quality oil ground. I paint with the best (artist) quality oil paints, using brushes and pallet knives to add texture. All the colours that I use are very stable and should’t fade or change.


I am available for commission work. If you would like to know more or talk to me about it please get in touch. I can paint portraits from life or from a photo.

My studio

If you would like to come and see my paintings in my studio please get in touch. I will be more than happy to welcome you and there is no obligation to buy.